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We keep working to keep up with all your email, but it can sometimes take a day or two to get a reply (especially if you send mail over the weekend), so please check the help below--if you can find the answer in our online support database, that will be much faster!

Many of the most common questions and problems are answered in the following:

  • Answers to the Most Common Questions
  • Frequently Asked Questions (Problems Using GetRight)
  • Search the GetRight FAQ:
  • Finding answers in any of those places is much faster for you than waiting for an email response! Please check these before sending mail--most of the common questions are already answered!

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    via Email:
    We try to answer all email (especially for anyone having problems) but it can take a day or two to get any response--especially for email sent over the weekend.

    TIP: Especially if you're reporting a bug, if you haven't got the newest version of GetRight, it is worth upgrading. It fixes many things, ands adds lots of new features too.

    TIP #2: It really helps make sure your email makes it past our spam filters if you make sure the word "GetRight" is in the email message or subject :)

    TIP #3: If you are using any spam blocking system were we'll have to log in or visit a webpage, it is much faster for you to get your email if you allow * to send you email. Even if you allow it only temporarily until you've gotten your response. Otherwise it slows down you getting a response. And sometimes the reply email telling us to visit a page gets caught by our spam filters!

    Technical Support
    Check here first: "Answers to the Most Common Questions"
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    We've setup a system where you can lookup your order and have the code emailed to you (and change the email address for your order too).
    GetRight Code Lookup.
    (This works pretty well, if you have trouble, there is a link on that to send email asking for help.)

    Order Questions:
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    Bugs or Suggestions (Known Bugs):
    (these messages all read, but not all will get a reply if it's obvious what the bug is!)
    If you don't have the latest version of GetRight, that's always something to try to see if it's already been fixed bug!
    Send Email or post them to our forums.

    Advertising, Business, Press, Praise, and anything else :)
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