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Sound Files for GetRight:
Here are some sound files for use with GetRight.

More "Rachel" Sounds for other Windows events (334KB)
(By popular request, these are sounds for quite a few other things in Windows. Rachel can tell you everything from "You've Got Mail" to "Emptied Your Recycle Bin", thanks again to my sister for recording them!)

"Silvia" (115KB, Catalan--pretty similar sounding to the Rachel ones, but in Catalan)
Thanks to Joan Vives & Silvia for making these!

"L�a" (166KB, French--pretty similar sounding to the Rachel ones, but in French)
Thanks to Robert & L�a Rubinstayn for making these!

"Yen-Chih" (2000KB, English--computer-ish sounding voice, kinda like a Star Trek computer. A Sample one.)
Thanks to Yen-Chih for making these!

"Micco" (233KB, Polish)
Thanks to Micco for making these!

"Natural Voice" (1,390KB)
Thanks to Guillaume Saviard for making these! (Using AT&T Labs Natural Voice system. I'm impressed, a few odd pauses, but much more realistic than any other computer generated voice I've heard.)

"Wormoz" (531KB)
Thanks to Wormoz for making these!

"Thueringisch" (German 426KB RAR file. WinRAR)
Thanks to St0fF for making these!

"Bryan" (English 380KB)
Thanks to Bryan P. for making these!

"Ewald" (German 1.2MB)
Thanks to A.Ewald for making these!

"Norberto" (Spanish 99KB)
Thanks to Norberto Pizzo for making these!

"Nebulus" Very deep, slightly robotic voice. (English 586KB)
Thanks to Nebulus Designs for making these!

"Vocoder" Kinda musical robotic voice. (English 170KB)
Thanks to Adam Byrne for making these!

"Kristopher Edwards" A very good voice. Sounds like a radio/TV announcer. (English 2.5MB)
Thanks to Kristopher Edwards for making these!

"Base" Sound Effects for use in GetRight (English 3MB)
Thanks to BEYAZIT GURSES for making them!

"Francesco Cataldo" #1 more serious voice. (Italian 670KB)
"Francesco Cataldo" #2 less serious voice. (Italian 650KB)
Thanks to Francesco Cataldo (who actually does do voice-overs for Italian TV!) for making these!

"Male Computer" Sound Effects for use in GetRight (295KB)
(Computer voice, thanks to David Gordon for making them!)

"Female German Computer" Sound Effects for use in GetRight (778KB)
(thanks to [email protected] for making them!)

"Lowell" Sound Effects for use in GetRight (200KB)
(thanks to Lowell for making them!)

"Turkish" Sound Effects for use in GetRight (255KB)
(thanks to Kubilay Sahin and Taner Pazvantoglu for making them!)

Some GetRight user out there has to be or know or be related to somebody with a famous, recognizable voice. It would be too cool to have some famous voices for the GetRight sounds!
Interested? contact us.