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Recommend GetRight, and make money doing it. It's easy to setup...and then get 25% of the sale when people buy GetRight from your website or even from within the GetRight program when they download using a link you provide.
This is pretty simple to setup.
  • You must sign up with RegNow as an Affiliate.
  • Once you are setup with them, use their Product Chooser then the Add Product option, use the ID 5696-1 to add GetRight to your list.
  • That same Product Chooser can generate links.
  • The best way is to link to RegNow's download file (which will be on the link page too.) This file will always be the most current version of GetRight, and has your affiliate ID built in so it will track much better than the Cookie methods to get you credit for the sale. (Cookies can be removed by various cookie cleaner tools, etc.) And they even are hosting the file so you're not paying for the server to send out the file.

Be sure to use the links from the RegNow page, or replace the 0000 with your affiliate ID in the address above so you get credit.

  • No Spamming! We won't tolerate any spamming, if you do it, your affiliate ID will be turned off and no money will be sent.
  • That's it!