Michael is the creator and programmer of GetRight. He originally had the idea for GetRight way back in 1997, after a game demo download failed several times.
"If only all these pieces could be put together, I'd have the whole file and wouldn't be starting from scratch--again!"
He immediatly started programming and has been improving GetRight continually since then...and never did finish that game demo download.

There were 24 sharks in the aquarium pool with Michael during this dive!

Peter (Michael's brother) was the next to join. He's been keeping the website looking nice and answering your technical support questions since 1999.

Here, Peter is climbing a rock.

Shawn Joined next, he's a great friend of Peter and Michael. GetRight just had grown too much and we needed more help. Shawn's been doing a lot of the technical support since 2001.

Recently, Shawn has been performing at the Edinburg Fringe Festival (in Scotland!) Thanks to a laptop and coffee shops with wireless Internet, he kept working the whole time.
But instead of Scotland, in this photo, Shawn is in a cave.

Rebecca (Michael's wife) is the newest. She's been a minion and helping with your lost codes for several years now!
She and Michael also have 2 dogs and 4 cats!

Bella (left) the Rat Terrier, and Makena (right) the Miniature American Eskimo.

There are also a few more photos of us from when GetRight won a People's Choice Award at the Shareware Industry Conference!